Scope of action

Energy transition

Tecnalia - Transición energética

We develop solutions for a competitive generation of renewable energy and for CO2-free mobility. Our experience in smart networks, energy storage (including hydrogen), digital technologies, energy efficiency, and advanced materials supports their own deployment. We support the industry decarbonisation, and the planning/design of energy-efficient, sustainable, comfortable, and resilient urban environments.

Achieving climate neutrality by 2050 involves the in-depth decarbonisation of energy with a 100% renewable electric system. This unprecedented challenge requires massive inclusion of renewable energies, an increase in energy efficiency in buildings, cities, and the industry, the electrification of transport, the replacement of fossil fuels with green energy, and the deployment of smart networks by facilitating advanced management of energy generation, storage, and distribution.

In this context, we collaborate with the industry and institutions to develop low-carbon energy solutions by integrating the ideal technologies required for each application. We seek to align business transformation with the change of the energy model by developing new technology-based opportunities created in areas such as:


We innovate in renewable energy systems and components, solar, photovoltaic, wind (offshore and onshore), and biomass, developing and integrating technologies for their design, manufacturing, and operation, while optimising them in terms of costs, sizing and performance.


We develop systems to enable a smart network, on the one hand, using tools and applications for planning, operating and controlling and, on the other hand, through models and algorithms to manage the flexibility of demand, storage, and distributed generation.

We contribute to increase the integration of renewables, providing network flexibility, security of supply, defence against attacks, and reduction of network operating and maintenance costs.

Moreover, we offer services for conformity assessment, diagnosis, and commissioning of electrical equipment in the network.


We provide decarbonised mobility solutions through electrification, integration of applications (the electric vehicle as distributed storage) and hydrogen-based solutions.


We collaborate with administrations in:

  • The development of their energy strategy and planning, by integrating economic and social dimensions,
  • Assessment of vulnerability and adaptation to climate change, in each region,
  • Environmental quality and comfort management.

We also offer climate services, impact assessment, and decarbonisation roadmaps, as well as advice on circular economy strategies.


We develop and characterise materials for:

  • Power generation under extreme conditions
  • Bio-based products
  • Electrochemical storage
  • Energy conversion processes based on hydrogen or synthetic fuels.


We support industry decarbonisation by combining technologies from:

  • Energy efficiency, use of residual heat and electrification
  • Production, transport, and storage of low-carbon H2.
  • Bio-refinery. Resulting Bio-products.
  • Waste Recovery, bio-products and circular solutions.


We work on technological solutions to achieve positive energy buildings, neighbourhoods, and cities through technologies for:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Integration of renewables in construction and city systems.
  • Heat electrification.
  • Integration of energy uses at district levels.


We put the smart in systems and processes related to power generation, distribution, and supply. Thus driving new digital solutions for:

  • Asset maintenance and operation.
  • Smart energy efficiency systems.
  • Artificial intelligence in the Oil & Gas and Chemical Industries.
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data analysis for environmental assessment and climate-energy prediction.
  • Data Hub: Shared ownership and data governance.
Soluciones tecnológicas para un sistema energético descarbonizado, descentralizado y digitalizado

Technological solutions for a decarbonised, decentralised and digitalised energy system brochure

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