Polymers, composites and bio-based materials

Polímeros, composites y bio-basados

We develop polymers, composites and bio-based materials that make it possible to obtain more competitive, safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly products for the transport, energy, construction and health sectors.

The process encompasses everything from synthesis, design, calculation, simulation and fine-tuning of the manufacturing processes to validation in a pilot plant.

Our experience enables us to synthesise materials, design products and manufacture components in polymeric materials, combining the best material and process solution depending on the application, proposing environmentally sustainable alternatives and committing to a circular economy model.

To this end, we collaborate with raw material manufacturers, material transformers, component and capital goods manufacturers and end users who are looking to implement innovative solutions in their products, both during their life cycle and at the end of it.

Key technologies of bio-based polymers, composites and materials:

  • Chemical synthesis of polymers, biomaterials and by-products.
  • Polymeric membrane manufacture.
  • Development of materials and products from biomass.
  • Functionalisation to improve the performance of the base material.
  • Calculation and design of composite structures.
  • Integration of functions in composite structures.
  • Processing (autoclave, preforming, RTM, T-RTM, infusion, compression, extrusion, injection, additive manufacturing).
  • Process monitoring and simulation (4.0).
  • Testing and characterisation.
  • Bonding technologies.
  • Sustainability in a circular economy model.

External partners

Universidad de Stuttgart
Politécnico de Milán
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International presence

A4M Alliance for Materials
SPIRE PPP on resources efficiency
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Cristina Elizetxea, PhD

Cristina Elizetxea, PhD

Head of Polymers, composites and bio-based materials