Collaboration with companies

Tecnalia - Colaboración con empresas

One of the keys to TECNALIA’s success in collaborating with companies has been its commitment to maintaining a business relationship model which is increasingly strategic and based on trust, collaboration, and a shared technological strategy to achieve the highest value-adding proposal to boost competitiveness.

At TECNALIA, we offer companies different collaboration options to tailor the relationship model that best adapts to your goals:

  • Framework collaboration agreements: we are committed to structural relationships with strategic clients, which are an opportunity for the companies undertaking an extreme adaptation to our clients’ challenges allowing for an increase in efficiency and a return for each and every euro that is invested. This model allows for the establishment of collaboration plans with companies which will be jointly developed over the coming years.
  • Shared risk investments: we are committed to our clients’ business, which is why we include our own resources in our high-risk developments that are aligned with our clients’ medium-term strategy.

Our offer of collaboration with companies is broken down into:

  • R&D and innovation projects: as strategic partners for companies, we develop customised R&D and innovation projects with a single goal, which is to make your business more competitive through technology. We jointly develop technology that transforms the present.
  • Laboratory Services: with over 60 years of experience, we offer you a team of experts and a set of laboratories that develop, certify, and validate processes, systems and products that you need to launch on the market promptly. Feel the security, confidence, and closeness of our technicians.
  • Technology Transfer: thanks to TECNALIA Ventures, we will help you to exploit your R&D and make your business grow. We connect you to the three pillars of the technology transfer to market process: technological ideas and assets aimed at improving your company’s profit & loss account; people with a business profile, capable of turning ideas into solutions; and investors ready to commit to those ideas and back their development as well as providing the necessary financial muscle. Moreover, TECNALIA has adopted a proactive attitude towards the creation of New Technology-Based Companies (NTBCs). These projects seek to achieve products, services, demonstrators, and/or industrial property assets from inception.

Instilling ideas and demonstrating the result of working together is the aim of our Case of success, a collection of success stories that emerged out of the collaboration of companies working with TECNALIA, who share with us their vision of this collaboration, their achievements, how they prepare for the future and, above all, how they see value in this co-creation process.

Thus, our team of leading researchers, who combine passion, knowledge of the sectors in which we operate and a commitment to efficiently guide companies in their technological strategy.