Our technologies increase the security, privacy and trust in our customers’ products and services, from their design, increasing their resilience and facilitating compliance with industry standards.

To this end, we design cryptographic protocols to ensure information security, and tools for controlling, monitoring and detecting threats / anomalies in industrial systems.

Our experience enables us to increase the resilience of systems, processes and services. To this end, we collaborate with manufacturers and integrators in designing and developing their products and systems, and with operators who want to increase the security of their processes and the confidentiality of their information.

Key cybersecurity and blockchain technologies:

  • Security and privacy from design: we help to design secure products/services by combining technologies, architecture and processes.
  • Blockchain & distributed ledger technologies (DLT): reliable ecosystems that make it possible to decentralise governance.
  • Industrial protection and control: tools for monitoring and detecting threats and anomalies in industrial systems.
  • Cryptography and data sovereignty: new cryptographic protocols for using information securely, making it possible for data to be exchanged, shared and processed by third parties, without compromising security and confidentiality.
  • Certification and conformity: conformity assessment with industrial cybersecurity standards, and system and process certification.

External partners

Basque Cybersecurity Centre
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International presence

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
Industrial Data Space Association
Industrial Internet Consortium
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Óscar Lage

Óscar Lage

Head of Cybersecurity and blockchain

Cybersecurity and Blockchain brochure (Spanish)

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