Scope of action

Health and Food

Tecnalia - Salud

We are concerned about the development of healthy environments that preserve and improve people’s health and quality of life. That is why we are focusing our technological activity on the transformation of health and long-term care systems, food, transportation, housing, city, and workplaces.

Our goals are:

  • Personalisation of healthcare with greater precision in the diagnosis and treatment of interventions and rehabilitation.
  • Prevention of chronic and high-incidence diseases through healthy eating.
  • The evolution of the healthcare system towards self-managed healthcare and homes as a complement to hospital care.
  • Improving the safety, comfort and accessibility of urban and workspaces.

We offer:


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Aymar Casas

Aymar Casas

Head of Health and Food

Technological developments for neurorehabilitation brochure

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We innovate to create the ingredients and food of the future brochure

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Pharmaceutical Industry Services Brochure

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WORKER.TEC: Health and safety in work environments (Spanish)

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