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At TECNALIA, we are advancing in the digitalisation of our laboratories and are revolutionising the way we communicate and work with our clients through the implementation of new digital services, Labs Services Connect, that bring laboratories and experts closer.

Through these 4.0 laboratories, TECNALIA fosters 360º communication with companies and clients combining interaction with physical laboratories and remote and connected communications through digital tools.

myTecnalia, your new client portal

myTecnalia is a digital tool that enables remote project management. It is aimed at bilateral projects, or in other words, those including TECNALIA and a company. It is another step forward in the digitalisation of the user experience which fosters direct communication with technical staff, efficient task management and permanent and safe access to information during projects and testing.

myTecnalia includes the following project-related options, among others:

  • On-line request for quotes.
  • Order control.
  • Monitoring of tasks.
  • Control of the laboratory appointment calendar.
  • Access to Remote Testing and Connected Labs digital services.
Aplicación myTecnalia

Connected Expertise: digital guidance, auditing and inspection service

Connected Expertise is the service that brings our expert technicians closer to companies digitally through a web application developed by TECNALIA, incorporating augmented reality.

This will allow for a more effective digital consultancy, auditing and inspection by our experts, avoiding the need to travel.

Inspección de prensa mediante realidad aumentada

Connected Labs: digital access to our laboratories.

Through the Connected Labs service, the customer is able to view the laboratories via an online platform and monitor the test in progress via multi streaming, interacting with the technical experts during its performance.

The collection and transmission of images and data from the actual test will enable the performance of the tested product to be analysed, both live and deferred.

Storage of this information will facilitate the analysis of historical data, and comparisons between tests performed at different times, which will lead to product improvements and development.

This service can be complemented with the use of the application developed by TECNALIA Connected Expertise, which incorporates augmented reality and also offers:

  • Remote supervision of test sample assembly by the customer.
  • Live viewing of specific details during the tests.
  • Viewing of the state of the samples after the tests.
Ensayos de fuego en remoto en las instalaciones de TECNALIA

Remote Testing: testing and certification at customers’ digitalised laboratories

This tool is a remote testing and certification service, through which we connect to the instrumentation at our customers’ laboratories, in order to supervise, audit or inspect the tests performed at the customers’ digitalised laboratories, which are also connected to TECNALIA.

This service enables the test conditions and results to be guaranteed with the same reliability as if they were carried out at the TECNALIA physical laboratories.

Remote Testing
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