Robotics, automation, and mechatronic control

brazo robótico de Tecnalia, trabajadores de la tecnología de automatización, robótica y control mecatrónico

We design new robots and automated systems (robotic arms, automated vehicles, drones and exoskeletons, among others), provide them with decision-making power, automate industrial processes, take care of human-robot interaction and increase people’s skills.

We also provide advice, proof of concept, technological development and turnkey integrations. Furthermore, we coordinate the robotics node of the Basque Digital Innovation Hub.

Our experience enables us to design, control and automate mechatronic systems and provide them with control and decision-making software so that they can adapt to changes in their environment autonomously.

These capabilities are of interest to equipment manufacturers who want to improve their products, end users who are looking to improve efficiency, and engineering firm and integrators who need to transfer the latest innovations to their customers.

Key automation, robotics and mechatronic control technologies:

  • Robotisation and advanced automation of industrial processes (drilling, assembly, additive manufacturing, quality control).
  • Flexible and collaborative robotics.
  • Autonomous indoor and outdoor mobile robotics.
  • Automated vehicles.
  • Adaptive robot control and vision-force guidance.
  • Learning and AI for robots.
  • Teleoperation.
  • Surgical robotics.
  • Exoskeleton.
  • Mobile manipulators.
  • Pick and place robots.
  • Cable robots.
  • Cloud robotics.
  • Drones.

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Damien Sallé , PhD

Damien Sallé , PhD

Head of Automation, robotics and mechatronic control

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