We research the behaviour of metal materials and components, including design, processing, integrity, use and recycling.

We apply a holistic approach, combining science, research and development, with industrial pilot plant validation. Consequently, we provide innovation to a competitive and environmentally sustainable metal industry by committing ourselves to a circular economy model.

Our knowledge and experience enables us to develop new metal products with high added value together with their manufacturing processes, optimising them from the point of view of resource efficiency and circularity.

We are a technological partner for the entire value chain, from metal suppliers, recycling companies, iron and steel companies, foundries, component manufacturers, companies that provide heat treatments, finishes, moulds and tools, and manufacturers of furnaces and OEMs that are looking for both competitiveness, sustainability and innovation to acquire new markets.

 Sustainable materials and production technologies:

  • Design and development of metal alloys.
  • Technologies and processes: iron and steelmaking, casting, forming, forging, powder metallurgy, additive manufacturing, thermal spraying and bonding processes.
  • Predictive models based on equations, data and hybrid models Physical simulation.
  • Characterisation / assessment: mechanical, chemical, thermal, microstructural and corrosion properties
  • Failure analysis: crack growth / damage tolerance.
  • Circular economy: redesign, recycling and recovery.

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Maider García de Cortázar, PhD

Maider García de Cortázar, PhD

Head of Metals: Sustainable metal materials, processes and products