Technological asset

TRACEBLOCK: Blockchain for traceability of the supply chain



Supply chains and generation chains are segmented, without a single view of the status and events regarding raw materials, assets, etc.

This leads to issues such as: Where are the devices and containers from? What are the products made of?

There is a lack of confidence in the current guarantees of origin, which generates questions such as: is the energy consumed green? does this meat, which was sold under quality seals, actually have them?

Potential Market

  • Food sector: value of over €1,109 billion and more than 290,000 companies in the EU
  • Green Energy: 5GW produced in Spain + private producers in full expansion
  • Logistics in Spain accounts for 8% of total GDP (€11 billion), with expected growth of 12% per year

We offer

  • TRL 7
  • Technological partner expert in Cybersecurity and specifically in blockchain
  • Product implemented for the handling of guarantees of origin: green energy, food
  • Product implemented for logistics in healthcare
  • Awareness of the problems of the industrial, electrical, health and food sectors
  • 1st Industrial Blockchain Laboratory in Europe

We are searching for

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