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EQUIMETRIX: Device for balance evaluation

Equimetrix Equipment basis


Clinical assessment scales have been developed and are currently used daily by physicians. The assessment criteria are very clinically relevant, but to a large extent subjective and, therefore, depend on professional experience and conditions. There is a clinical need for quantitative assessment tools.

Furthermore, scientific evidence supports the paradigm that a joint analysis of CoM-CoP CoM-Foot placement reflects human functional stability. Even if enabling technologies are available to measure functional stability quantitatively, it is necessary to have an integrated technology that can be widely implemented among physicians and/or “balance” professionals.


  • The market for force balance plates is estimated In €50M
  • The main players are Tekscan, RSScan, Natus, and Chinesport

We offer

  • TRL 4
  • Intellectual Property Protection EP3017761: Method and system for the assessment of functional balance
  • Tekscan prototype of a non-nomadic device-based solution
  • Integration with 1 m baropodometric device (Footscan © RSscan, Belgium). Semi-nomadic approach
  • Applying a real-time stability index for Nomadic applications
  • “Private version” (sensory carpet) in the non-nomadic approach

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Method and system for functional balance assessment