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KAYROX: Immersive experiences at your fingertips



The creation and publication of immersive experiences (virtual and augmented reality experiences) requires highly skilled professionals and a great effort to reach all types of hardware devices and user marketplaces.

Hardware devices have matured to be within the reach of every type of consumer and technological advances that are coming will offer even more and better experiences.

But tools are needed to be able to create and deliver immersive experiences in an agile and intuitive way, without writing a single line of code, and to enjoy the experiences on all devices. No more costly ad-hoc projects.


KAYROX, a no-code web platform that enables the creation, publication and consumption of immersive experiences. It allows (non-expert) users to create and share virtual reality and augmented/mixed reality experiences. Supported by a remote assistance solution with augmented reality where remote experts help other people carry out certain operations or solve problems.

It enables the creation of experiences from the end device (e.g. from “inside” VR glasses). It enables users to transparently share the experiences the create. It avoids the compatibility/defragmentation problems of a multi-platform, multi-device market. And it offers its own rendering solution.

And if you are concerned about data protection and security, KAYROX on-premise is the solution.

Kayrox in Industry

  • Enables augmented manuals to be created and incidents to be resolved through Augmented Reality (AR).
  • Training of operators in Virtual Reality (VR) environments.

Kayrox in Education

  • Using Virtual Reality, we train students in learning, for example, 3D spatial geometry.
  • Language learning in 360° Virtual Reality environments to improve didactic exercises.

Kayrox Real Estate and Retail

  • Facilitates the sale of real estate in 360° environments. Training tool to improve campaigns in the retail world, based on Virtual Reality.

Kayrox in Tourism

  • 360° marketing of destinations.
  • Accessing and promoting hard-to-reach places using 360° technology.


  • Estimated global spending in 2024 on training will be $8.5 billion, industrial maintenance $4.3 billion and retail $3.9 billion. (according to IDC)
  • VR – market in 2027: $57.5 bn
  • AR – market in 2027: $77 bn
  • MR – Market in 2027: 33.870M$


  • TRL 7
  • Software Registration
  • Technology Partner with expertise in VR/AR/MR and WEB Assets
  • Experience in industrial maintenance projects / training
  • Knowledge of the sector’s problems

We are searching for

  • Clients
  • Transfer of the asset to companies in the sector

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