Technological asset

BUCKY: Continuous manufacturing of carbon nanotube buckypapers (BP)



European CO2 emissions directives are leading to the replacement of metal components with composites providing greater strength with less weight.

The composite lightens, but does not have the same properties as metal, as it does not conduct electricity or heat, does not have the same tolerance to damage and its fatigue resistance is lower.

The addition of CTN carbon nanotubes provides these properties needed for many applications, but their introduction into the composite is complex.

Potential Market

  • The market is still very incipient
  • It targets composite manufacturers that will integrate it into their process for obtaining intelligent and high performance products mainly for the aeronautical sector (EMI shielding, skin lighting, anti icing,..) and automotive (ultrastrength structures, thermal manager,…).

We offer

  • TRL 4
  • Continuous (BP) manufacturing line
  • Know-how in composite manufacturing technologies

We are searching for

  • Partner
  • Investor
  • End users



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Method and system for increasing the thickness of a carbon nanotube sheet structure