Technological asset

LEO: Ultrasonic autonomous inspection system



Periodic manual inspections are carried out to collect information on the health status of the main shaft of a wind turbine.

LEO is an autonomous on-board system that allows:

  • Service-life extension. Since inspection can be done with an hourly frequency, the minimum utilisation is 96% of the shaft’s useful life.
  • Programme several detection and advancement of the cracks, so as the crack progresses the system informs of the need to manage the stock and the scheduling of the stop.
  • Automatic inspections without stopping the machine: production optimisation.
  • Virtually no variable costs.

Potential Market

  • Wind farms
  • Models of higher interest: G5X, G8X, Bonus 1300, MadeEA46

We offer

  • TRL 9
  • The system has been validated for field work and is currently installed in a set of 95 wind turbines

We are searching for

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Registration No.

Method and system for detecting cracks in wind turbines using ultrasound