Technological asset

OTTER: Tracking structure for floating photovoltaic



The floating photovoltaic farm on water surfaces (reservoirs, lakes, industrial water reserves, etc.) has many benefits over conventional ones since it does not occupy land for other uses (for construction, agriculture, etc.), in addition to providing solutions against evaporation, algae proliferation, etc. Moreover, the aquatic environment can report improvements in the generation by providing panel cooling innovations or using bifacial systems.

However, the solution must be paired with solar tracking systems, as it means a better exploitation of the generation (+15%-one shaft, +40%-two shafts).

Potential Market

Market of support structures for the global floating photovoltaic market (current – 2025):

  • Floating PV market:  22.4 GW
  • Global Structure Market for Floating PV: €4.700B

We offer

  • Implementation of demonstration prototype in pilot project with Iberdrola at the Ulibarri–Gamboa Reservoir (2020)
  • TRL 2 (March 2019)
  • Multi-disciplinary expert team
  • Extensive knowledge of the industry
  • Asset protected by patent application EP19382858.9

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