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SCARGO: Installation of submarine cables with remote vehicles



The installation of inter-array cables accounts for 4% of CAPEX costs of an offshore wind farm. A significant part of these costs relate to the mobilisation of large boats specialised in the installation of cables and the staff of these vessels and the synchronised work of the reception of cable on the turbine platforms. ​

Additionally, these installation procedures are technically complex, highly sensitive to the weather and carry high technical risks of surface cable routing toward the bottom of the sea, the cost of which is not included in the LCOE.

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  • Global inter-array cable installation market 2018-2028: 19,700 km = €6.2B

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  • TRL 2
  • Technology protected by the patent families derived from EP3257738, EP3499517, and EP3502533
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Assembly and Method for Installing a Subsea Cable


Subsea cable with core conductor having variable cross-section and methods for producing and installing thereof


Device for protecting a line in an opening and method for inserting a line in an opening in a protected manner