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The inclusion of the autonomous vehicle in urban environments: #EL IMPERDIBLE_03

2018.11.23 - 2018.11.24

Venue: Plaza de Colón, Madrid
Date: 2018.11.23 - 2018.11.24
Hours: 10:00h - 19:00h
Duration: 2 days
Organiser: COTEC
Price: Free

The Cotec Foundation, in collaboration with Madrid City Council, is preparing the third edition of Los Imperdibles (The must-see events): a compilation of festivals revolving around innovation which changes its contents each year.

This year, #Imperdible_03 is devoted to the major challenges faced by cities, divided into four themed areas, among which mobility and sustainability can be highlighted as the focal point to improve traffic management and pollution problems.

TECNALIA will present two Renault Twizy vehicles, whose demonstration will consist of driving around Plaza de Colon.

  • Car 1 will be driven manually.
  • Car 2 will follow it autonomously, taking into account the actions of Car 1 at all times to manage its manoeuvres. 

Today, due to the growing commitment of the leading car manufacturers, the autonomous driving sector is becoming a real alternative for safe and efficient driving in a not too distant future.

Thanks to the latest developments in the different Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), the barriers to the inclusion of this new technology in urban environments are being broken. In the near future, before 2030, it is estimated that it will be possible to see cars on the streets with an autonomy level of 4 or higher (fully autonomous driving without the need for human iteration[PR1] ).

Therefore, we are working on the development of this new technology, focusing our resources on the search for safe, efficient and fully autonomous driving. 

The programme, which is free and open to all, offers participants a further twenty experiences.

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