Technological asset

AUTOLAB: Electrification of special vehicles



OEM long-series and their suppliers have developed electrification capabilities, but manufacturers of special vehicles (ambulances, fire trucks, buses, rubbish trucks, logistics, etc.) require ad-hoc developments for their requirements and do not have suppliers or internal capabilities to address them.

Companies operating fleets want access to the benefits of electrification without having to renew their fleet entirely. On the one hand, the CapEx of a new vehicle could be eligible for benefits that would optimise OpEx competitively.

Potential Market

  • Industrial vehicle operators and transport professionals, fleet owners of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. -> retrofitting
  • OEM of special vehicles with reduced series: ambulances, fire trucks, buses, rubbish trucks, logistics, etc. -> electrification
  • Electrification and conversion companies

We offer

  • TRL 7
  • Universal ECU (Registered Software)
  • Work methodology and high-level equipment with experience in electrification and knowledge of the sector (bus currently in use, prototyping of other vehicles)

We are searching for

  • Partner
  • Investor