H2SITE: On-site generation of high purity hydrogen

The problem:

Hydrogen is set to become a key element in the decarbonisation of energy, industry and mobility and, accordingly, to accelerate the energy transition towards a low-carbon economy.

The technology

H2SITE technology consists of a fluidised-bed catalytic membrane reactor for the on-site generation of high-purity, low-cost H2 (estimated < 0.4 €/Nm3), which reduces the 4 classic SMR stages by carrying out the reaction and separation in a single phase, thereby minimising CAPEX and OPEX.

It is an alternative for “green hydrogen” with a much lower generation cost than competing technologies (electrolysis).


H2SITE will supply high-purity, low-cost distributed hydrogen on a small and medium scale for stationary applications (industrial uses, combined electricity and heat generation, among others), for isolated areas (islands, areas without access to the grid, among others) and for mobility.

Market situation

H2Site is searching for strategic partners for the upcoming phases of business scaling for the industrial generation and industrialisation of new products for mobility and separation. H2Site will launch a Series A financing round in 2021.