Technological asset

VIDEOCLAIM: High-quality, scalable and profitable remote appraisal



The usual scenario within the appraisal sector involves numerous inefficiencies in terms of travel times and costs, imposing significant restrictions on the number of appraisal that each company can undertake and, therefore, on the profits it can obtain.

The system's inefficiencies are particularly relevant in the case of minor claims, with a low valuation, in which the costs incurred are excessively high compared to their appraisal.

Potential Market

  • Insurers: there are 1,097 insurance companies in Spain alone
  • Expert examination cabinets: in Spain alone there are over 600 expert appraisal firms
  • Remote assistance: in 2020 more than 25% of the European population will be over 65 years old

We offer

  • TRL 7
  • Roadmap of future evolution (Artificial vision, blockchain, AR)
  • Product developed and in operation by Sanz Aspizua in 4 sites for 2 insurance companies

We are searching for

  • Licensee
  • Investor