Q-eNVy Laboratory (Nitrogen Vacancy Centres)

The Q-eNVy laboratory is a scientific-technological infrastructure to support R&D&I in the field of ultra-resolution sensing using solid state physics technologies based on vacant nitrogen centres, a robust technology for the operation of this type of device in environmental conditions.


The laboratory supports the development of quantum components (quantum hardware) for sensors in technology for Vacant Nitrogen Centres. It is aimed at high-performance and high-precision sensors for physical and chemical property detection, identification and traceability, secure industrial communication, metrology or inertial positioning – i.e. with a wide range of cross-cutting applications.

In its first phase, the laboratory is being equipped with a Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) reactor for the growth of quantum-grade diamond crystals and an ion implantation column. This equipment complements others in the same field in the territory, contributing to increasing competitiveness in the high technology, metrology and analysis industrial sector. The laboratory plans to expand gradually in successive phases.