Quantum technologies have the potential for profound and disruptive transformation in key areas for industry, such as artificial intelligence, communication cybersecurity and ultra-high-precision sensing.

We are working on the development of emerging technology, combining them with traditional technology, prioritising impact and helping to minimise risk and uncertainty in the early stages of this field of knowledge.

Quantum technologies provide the means to solve key problems of the Digital Transformation, such as those related to Artificial Intelligence, ultra-secure communications or ultra-high sensitivity sensing. Although they are new, they offer the promise of significantly surpassing their traditional counterparts in terms of impact.

We seek to harness the potential of these technologies. We have expert teams in these disciplines, such as quantum computing, simulation, cybersecurity, communications and sensing, for successful use in business process problems and needs.

We work closely with other specialised TECNALIA and external teams as a way to accelerate the hybridisation of knowledge in technologies-needs and to articulate cooperation mechanisms to promote quantum applications with an impact on industry.

Key Quantum Technologies:

  • Optimisation: Existing quantum hardware enables certain optimisation problems to be addressed with a computational advantage over traditional systems.
  • Quantum Machine Learning: applications for prediction, clustering, reinforced and deep learning.
  • Simulation: simulation of systems governed by the laws of quantum mechanics and numerical systems.
  • Communications protection: Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) systems.
  • Post Quantum Cryptography: secure cryptographic mechanisms against quantum computing.
  • Quantum sensing: exploitation of quantum effects to substantially increase detection and measurement sensitivity.


QuiC - European Quantum Industry Consortium


QuiC - European Quantum Industry Consortium
Dr. Esther Villar

Dr. Esther Villar

Quantum Technologies Team Leader