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We have issued a European Technical Assessment (ETA) for FINSA PANNER® internal partitioning system


The product characterisation has been carried out at our fire, acoustics, mechanical and materials laboratories

FINSA is committed to innovation as a means to offer added value to its products. Within this context lies the development of a complete internal partitioning system based on its PANNER® particle board, a product with improved features in terms of fire resistance.

The characterisation has been carried out at our laboratories and it covers the following key aspects: fire resistance, acoustic insulation, mechanical resistance of the system...

Following this step, in order to reach the market with the maximum guarantees, the European Technical Assessment (ETA) and the CE marking have been obtained for the partitioning system. The ETA issued by TECNALIA, ETA 18/0445, is based on the ETAG 003 guide for internal partitioning. It contemplates the assessment of the different variants of the system, fire reaction and resistance characteristics, resistance to static and dynamic loads, safety against personal damages, acoustic insulation, durability of the system's components, etc.

Collaboration between TECNALIA and companies

Collaborating with TECNALIA to obtain the ETA and the CE marking has enabled FINSA to find the capacities for the characterisation of the partitioning system for all of the features required by the ETAG 003 guide and for the assessment and handling of the ETA in a single liaison, improving and reducing the coordination tasks during the process.


Miguel Mateos: Industry Lab_services /Innovation and Conformity Assessment Point Manager,

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