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Onda Vasca broadcasts its technology programme from our Blockchain Lab


The journalist and engineer, Juan de la Herrán, dedicated the programme to Blockchain and chose our laboratory as the setting for debate

Oscar Lage Last week, Juan de la Herrán’s Onda Vasca radio programme “Desconozco de Desconozco” was recorded at our Blockchain Lab.

The journalist and engineer, Juan de la Herrán, dedicated the programme to Blockchain and chose our laboratory as the setting for debate. The programme’s guests included Iñaki Armada, Oscar Salvador and our ICT colleagues Ana Ayerbe and Oscar Lage.

Ana Ayerbe highlighted TECNALIA's prominent national and European presence in the field of cybersecurity, thanks to its long experience as a member of the Board of Directors of: ECSO (European Cyber Security Organisation), EOS (European Organisation for Security) and RENIC (Spanish Network of Excellence in Cybersecurity Research).

Oscar Lage focused on the services offered to companies by our Blockchain Lab, as well as the role that Blockchain will play in the not too distant future. He highlighted how our infrastructures allow access to research and experimentation in pilot plants and real installations. Our Blockchain Laboratory assists companies in creating solutions, carrying out concept tests in our laboratories and piloting them in the field, thus facilitating their implementation.

TECNALIA is becoming one of the benchmarks in Blockchain, as shown by its participation in the EEA (The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) and the agreement with Hyperledger, the main “open source” Blockchain community. We are also on the Board of Alastria, the first multi-sector consortium promoted by companies and institutions to establish a semi-public Blockchain infrastructure, which supports services with legal effectiveness in the Spanish environment in accordance with European regulations.

We invite you to listen to the RADIO PROGRAMME!!

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