Technological asset

NAIA: Energy efficiency diagnosis in industrial plants



The industrial sector accounts for more than 35% of energy consumption in Spain. This consumption is particularly relevant in energy-intensive sectors, where expenditure can amount to several million euros per year. ​

Additionally, the price of energy is rising, mainly in our country, thus implying an important handicap in the sustainability of our industrial fabric.

Potential Market

  • Multi-sectoral, applicable to any industrial plant
  • Especially aimed at energy-intensive sectors: iron, steel, glass, cement, chemical, ceramics…
  • A 1% reduction in energy expenditure, which can result in savings of tens of k€/plant/year

We offer

  • TRL 4
  • Expert technical team in all critical areas (ICT, Energy, and Efficiency)
  • Proprietary development algorithms
  • Agreement on co-development and validation in relevant industrial plant (GESTAMP)
  • Capacity and expertise for the implementation of future functionalities such as demand prediction, process planning…

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