Technological asset

NEXT_24H_ENERGY: Smart energy management in buildings.



There is a growing sensitivity towards reducing the energy bill for buildings.

Currently, air conditioning is operated on the basis of strictly seasonal criteria, with time programming based on a calendar template. Criteria such as occupation, weather forecast or period pricing are not taken into account.

Potential Market

  • Buildings with BEMS:
    • 7,000 in Spain
    • 85,000 in the EU
  • Market access since 2015 (revenue €1.2 M/year > 2017, growth 6.5%)
  • Conducted extensive market and competition assessment

We offer

  • TRL 7
  • Technology protected by the patent families derived from EP3352027
  • Expert technical team in all critical areas (ICT, Energy and Building)
  • Proprietary development algorithms
  • At risk real projects under deployment in two buildings

We are searching for

  • Investor
  • Licensees
  • Industrial partner



Registration No.

Method and system of Smart climatization management