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ARMASSIST: Robot assistant for upper limb rehabilitation



There is a very high and increasing prevalence of strokes: 15 million people/year and stroke rehabilitation expenditure amounts to €45 billion/year within the EU. The rehabilitation of movement disorders after strokes is a significant part of that expense.

There is also a need for more autonomous and scalable care that can also be transferred outside the clinic. Robot-assisted tele-rehabilitation can provide such care.

Available solutions are too expensive for small clinics/home care or are too simple to provide adequate follow-up care and therapy.

Potential Market

  • The robotic rehabilitation market was $220M in 2015 and is estimated to reach $1.2B by 2022
  • 85% of that volume is for upper limb rehabilitation

We offer

  • TRL 8
  • Technology protected by 2 patent families and two Software registrations
    • WO2009141460: Portable device for upper limb rehabilitation
    • EP3263087: Portable device for upper limb rehabilitation
    • Registered software: Control Firmware for Armassist Device – US Copyright Office 1-5174081201 and Rehabilitation Platform Software – US Copyright Office 1-5174081267
  • Operational industrial prototype

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Portable device for upper limb rehabilitation


Portable device for upper limb rehabilitation