AUREA: Smart management of wearable systems


The solution is aimed at hotels, nightclubs, beach clubs, festivals, events, theme parks, congresses, trade fairs, etc., allowing cross-selling between them.

AUREA has had success stories of note such as the Conde de Godó tennis tournament, the Costa Breve nightclub and prestigious beach clubs

What it provides

Access control

  • Access control points
  • Tickets and pre-loaded wallet
  • Handout of wristbands
  • On-line management of attendance and capacity

End customer mobile app

  • Consultations and recharging from a mobile phone
  • User registration
  • Sale of packs (tickets, among others)
  • Personalised communication
  • Push notifications

Integration of marketing

  • Design / Brand image
  • Customer experience

Cashless payments

  • Charge for services at bars and service points
  • Easier collection
  • Reduced queue sizes
  • Multi-wallet (prepayment, groups, incentives, among others)

Business Intelligence / Digital Marketing

  • Management of customer types
  • Offers, services and packs
  • Real-time personalised reports

Flexible integration

  • API integration with PMS and POS


  • Increases efficiency and reduces costs
  • Increases control and productivity
  • Reduces queue sizes
  • Less staff
  • Reduction in fraud
  • Reduces cash management costs
  • No IT barriers: cloud-based, SaaS
  • Easy access control
  • Enables digital marketing
  • Facilitates the technification of the Horeca sector

We are searching for

  • Strategic partner