3rd NOTIONES Conference: Innovation in Privacy and AI

3ª Conferencia NOTIONES: Innovación en Privacidad e IA


21 May 2024


Fira de Barcelona, Gran Vía


9:30 am - 6:00 pm



Challenges of Privacy and AI in the Intelligence Community

The NOTIONES project is a pioneering initiative, funded by the European Commission, which aims to address the emerging challenges and opportunities offered by innovative technologies in the field of intelligence. From the Latin “to be informed”, the name NOTIONES represents the collaborative network between researchers, industries and the intelligence community to foster a constructive dialogue on the technological future and its implications.

Challenges and opportunities

Although advanced technologies promise to significantly improve the intelligence process, they also pose risks when misused by hostile entities. Rapid identification and assessment of the effects of these technologies is crucial; not only for the intelligence community but also to prevent their misuse by terrorist or criminal groups.

Limitations and solutions

Intelligence professionals often face time constraints that prevent them from keeping up with technological developments, which can delay the adaptation of new technologies and the development of countermeasures. NOTIONES addresses this problem by connecting professionals with experts and solution providers, thus facilitating knowledge sharing and continuous updating.

Projects and collaboration

NOTIONES organises webinars, working groups, workshops and conferences to establish and maintain its collaborative network. The project organises a minimum of two concurrent working groups each year, which convene regularly to deliberate on pertinent topics identified beforehand, involving a diverse group of stakeholders offering their unique expertise and viewpoints.
There are currently two active working groups:

  • Privacy-Enhancing Intelligence Cycle Processing Improvement: This working group focuses on how privacy can be integrated and improve intelligence processing while ensuring personal data protection.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in Intelligence: It explores the impact and integration of AI and ML in intelligence operations, highlighting both their benefits and the associated ethical and privacy challenges.

As a conclusion to the project’s annual work, the 3rd NOTIONES Conference will take place on 21 May, titled “Securing the Future: Data Privacy, AI, and the Evolution of Intelligence”. This event will be a platform to explore the intersection of data privacy and AI, and how they can coexist in a secure and ethical intelligence environment.

Data Privacy and AI

Data privacy and AI are highly relevant issues in the digital age. The balance between privacy and security is essential in data exchange within the intelligence and security sector. Digitalisation and the use of information technology have increased the need to protect personal data, with regulations such as GDPR setting strict standards. AI has become a part of our daily lives and, while it has the potential to revolutionise our lives, it also raises significant data privacy concerns.

Don’t miss the 3rd NOTIONES Conference, where we will delve into privacy considerations within the intelligence and security domain, exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and safeguarding sensitive information.

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