Aerial Robotics: Autonomous and precision solutions

Robótica aérea para la inspección y mantenimiento de aerogeneradores


7 March 2024




10:00 am - 11:00 am



Aerial Robotics: Inspections for wind turbines

Spain is the second European country in terms of wind and solar power generation, and wind power generation is expected to grow by 197% by 2030. Over the coming years, the demand to inspect wind farms is expected to increase.

Drones have revolutionised the way in which wind turbine inspections are carried out, offering an efficient, safe and accurate solution for assessing the condition of these important structures. As drones are able to fly high and get to areas that are hard to reach, they have become essential tools for the industry.

Inspection and Maintenance

TECNALIA enhances the way in which these inspection and maintenance tasks are carried out.

This webinar will show TECNALIA’s aerial robot, designed with omnidirectional flight architecture, which is able to operate in adverse weather conditions while maintaining high precision performance.

  • This new drone concept is able to perform inspection and maintenance tasks that require force, handle elements or stay in contact with the surfaces that are being analysed.
  • This development is not only suitable for a wide range of applications, from inspecting wind turbine blades to measuring the thickness of gas tanks, checking welds and cleaning surfaces with corrosion; it also eliminates the need for manual intervention and improves the automation of tasks at heights or in remote or dangerous areas for workers.


  • Jose Ramón García - Head of the Innovative Air Mobility Lab at TECNALIA
  • Imanol Iriarte - Flight Dynamics & Control Engineer at TECNALIA

Don’t miss this webinar where TECNALIA will show you the latest aerial robotics technology.


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