Approaches for neural tissue regeneration: NeuroStimSpinal project


29 September 2021




10:00 am - 6:00 pm



In the frame of NeuroStimSpinal (NSS) FET OPEN project takes place the present on line workshop with the objective to present different approaches based on biologic scaffolds materials to get neural regeneration.

  • NeuroStimSpinal aims to contribute with a solution for spinal cord injury (SCI). SCI results in para- and tetraplegia caused by the partial or complete disruption of descending motor and ascending sensory neurons.
  • NeuroStimSpinal propose to develop an innovative stimulus responsive cell-laden biomaterial able to repair the SCI nervous tissue.
  • The proposed innovative biomaterial characteristic is a scaffold for implantation in the traumatic injury point composed of graphene based materials (GBM) in combination with human adipose derived decellularized tissue (adECM) to promote the grow and reconnection of the ruptured nerves. This is the first time that a hybrid composition based on adECM tissue is proposed to solve the SCI.

Beside the presentation of NSS results, the event will be attended by the contribution of invited  speakers that will present in a complementary way their different approaches and strategies in the neural regeneration field showing an holistic approach from in vitro to in vivo.


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TECNALIA as responsible of dissemination activity of NeurostimSpinal project organize this workshop and want to grateful on behalf on in the name of the NSS consortium the contribution of the external invited speakers.


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