Enabling data-based technologies meeting



30 November 2022




10:00 am - 1:40 pm



We promote the data-based economy and artificial intelligence at a national level

On 30 November, we will be holding the second AI4ES SUMMIT. An internationally renowned speaker will be participating in this meeting.

  • We will present the AI4ES strategic research and development agenda, which has been developed during the first year of the network's activity.
  • We will showcase different business success stories on the use of data and AI, and how AI4ES can help improve and accelerate the journey of companies in their digital transformation.

TECNALIA, along with the national and international benchmark technology centres, the ITI Information Technology Institute, the CTIC Foundation and Eurecat make up the AI4ES network, whose objective is to boost the economy based on data and artificial intelligence; facilitating the transfer of capacities, results and technologies to the production sector; providing innovative solutions and services that require secure and reliable access to data, efficient processing, advanced analysis, automatic learning and artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data at TECNALIA

We have almost a hundred professionals dedicated to AI and Big Data technologies, who promote the creation of an ecosystem consisting of a network of collaborators with complementary knowledge in data science.

Their main objective is to support human knowledge in order to maximise the digital transformation processes facing society today, thereby creating clear competitive advantages.

At TECNALIA, every initiative is a challenge and our experience is what makes us anticipate future problems.

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