Health data spaces (online)

Salud digital


21 February 2024




9:30 am - 11:30 am



Data: the most valuable resource

Data is the most valuable resource of the digital age. Using data properly can generate benefits for both organisations and society. However, health-related data face specific challenges in terms of management, protection and use. It is therefore necessary to create health data spaces that allow data to be shared, analysed and exploited in a safe, ethical and efficient way.

A health data space is a digital environment where different stakeholders in the health sector (providers, patients, researchers, administrations, etc.) can exchange data in a controlled way and under common rules. These spaces facilitate collaboration between stakeholders, innovation in data-driven products and services, and improvements in the quality and efficiency of healthcare.

Building these health data spaces requires a robust and flexible technological foundation that ensures data interoperability, security, privacy and trust. A legal and ethical framework is also needed to regulate access to and use of data, as well as a governance model that defines the roles and responsibilities of the participants. Some initiatives that promote the development of these spaces are IDS (International Data Spaces) and GAIA-X (European Cloud Initiative).

  • This session will present the concept of health data spaces from a technological perspective, and will analyse its characteristics and specific challenges.
  • A successful case of a Basque company that has applied this idea to its business will be presented: Irisbond, a company that develops AI-based eye-gaze communication solutions.

Target Audience

  • Technology enthusiasts who see a future in data sharing and processing in new regulated and secure ecosystems.


Importance of data

  • Data as a product
  • Internal vs external governance
  • New storage and governance paradigms

Data spaces

  • Complex ecosystems: Sovereignty, sharing and trust
  • Sharing and business models
  • Concept of data economics


  • Data typology
  • Smart technologies and using data in healthcare
  • New approaches: HDAB


This event will be held online on the ZOOM video conference platform.
Limited capacity.


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