Inauguration of the Basajaun sustainable pilot building

Inauguración del edificio piloto sostenible Basajaun


23 April 2024


Collège du Pian Medoc, Le Pian-Médoc, France


9:45 am - 12:00 am



The inauguration of the Basajaun pilot building is an example of sustainable timber construction for rural development

TECNALIA is about to open a sustainable pilot building made of wood in Pian Médoc (France), in conjunction with representatives from the Department of Gironde and the Basque Government. The inauguration of the sustainable pilot building will be presided over by Jean-Luc Gleyze, President of the Department of Gironde, and Pablo García Astrain, Director of Housing, Land and Architecture of the Basque Government.

Sustainable construction making use of wood

The intention of the European Basajaun initiative is to build sustainably using wood. The main objective of this initiative is to create an impact and demonstrate how building with wood can be optimised to such an extent that it sustainably promotes urban transformation and the development of the most rural regions, while at the same time providing sustainable forest management throughout Europe.

Achievements of Basajaun

The building is inspired by the landscape of southern France and this has been integrated into the existing school complex. It is made up of three connected houses for the teachers of the nearby school within the overall campus designed by BPM.

  • The project partners have developed and tested materials, products, building systems and digital supply chain solutions that appeal to manufacturers and end users.
  • The test points for end users and industrial customers include a complete record of a product's technological and sustainable characteristics, as well as its productivity, cost-effectiveness and competitiveness.
  • Two demonstration buildings are also being built in Finland and France that have incorporated a number of these innovative materials and solutions.
  • The team is creating an open innovation platform to make it easier to share the results with other companies and regional actors.

Notable attendees at the inauguration of the Basajaun pilot building

European Union

The project has received funding from the European Union's H2020 Research and Innovation Programme by virtue of subsidy agreement No. 862942. This project is being coordinated by TECNALIA and has 29 partners from 12 countries.

Collège du Pian Medoc, Le Pian-Médoc, France

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Official opening

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