Innovation in manufacturing and the BIPV system: BIPVboost

BIPVboost: innovaciones en fabricación y sistema BIPV


30 May 2023




12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



The construction sector has enormous potential for decarbonisation through the integration of renewable energy systems in buildings, such as photovoltaics

The BIPVboost initiative, coordinated by TECNALIA, aims to reduce costs throughout the building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) value chain, while maintaining design flexibility, high performance, long-term reliability and design aesthetics.

BIPVboost is now in its final phase. Building integrated photovoltaics results and innovation will be presented through a series of themed webinars, namely:

  1. Innovation and results in digitalisation
  2. Standardisation, innovation and results
  3. Innovation in manufacturing BIPV system and overview of the cost competitiveness of BIPV in Europe.

Webinar: Innovations in manufacturing and the BIPV system

This session will present the results and innovation in terms of manufacturing and the BIPV system. An analysis of the cost competitiveness of BIPV in Europe will also be presented.

**Webinars will be in English.


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