MIND Workshop: Digital Transformation Connection



30 November 2023


Hotel Hipotels Hotels & Resort. Avenida Álvaro Domecq, 11 bis. 11405 Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz)


10:00 am - 2:30 pm



MIND Digital Transformation Early Demand Mapping Connection Workshop

This workshop is part of the process of creating an Early Demand Map in healthcare in Andalusia. It focuses on four key strategic lines: precision medicine, biomedical engineering, digital transformation, and environment and health.

The workshop will focus on the creation of an Early Demand Map with two types of workshops: co-creation and connection.

  • The co-creation workshops (OPEN Workshop) will focus on understanding the characteristics and needs of clinical, research and management staff in the Andalusian public health system (SSPA), and the connection workshops (MIND Workshop) will focus on validating and contrasting with companies and universities for the development of new products or services.
  • This workshop is an opportunity to take part in the construction of innovative solutions that respond to the real needs of the health system and help to transform the Andalusian health system.
  • TECNALIA’s Borja Bonail is taking part in this workshop to share his view as an expert on digital health.

More information about the MIND Workshop

MIND Workshops are events to connect with the supply aimed at companies, research centres, technology centres, universities and patient associations.

  • Attendance is by invitation only.
  • Interested organisations can request a space by sending an email to with their contact details, sector of activity and the MIND workshop they wish to attend.

Hotel Hipotels Hotels & Resort. Avenida Álvaro Domecq, 11 bis. 11405 Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz)

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