New more sustainable, high-performance polyurethanes

webinar-poliuretanos sostenibles


30 September 2022




11:00 am - 12:30 pm



TECNALIA shared its experience in the development of sustainable resins for sectors such as automotive and wind power

At this webinar organised by AEMAC, Oihane Echeverria, researcher at TECNALIA, will talk about new developments in more sustainable resins for structural components. New formulations for biobased polyurethane will be presented and critical aspects such as circularity and end of life of composites will be discussed.

Technology with competitive characteristics

The resin-based technology offers competitive characteristics for structural composites manufactured by RTM; fast curing, low viscosities, good adhesion to fibres and high mechanical properties. Compared to other alternatives, PUR offers the advantage of high tenacity and fatigue strength properties, which make them particularly attractive for components subject to impact or to cyclic loads, such as suspension components.

  • Polymeric matrix composites offer an exceptional strength to weight-to-strength ratio, suitable for automotive and wind power structural components. However, there are major challenges in terms of material sustainability.
  • Specifically, the resins that are currently used the most in RTM and infusion processes are of petrochemical origin, and are neither recyclable nor reprocessable. Providing more environmentally-friendly solutions has become a strategic issue.

More sustainable thermoplastic-based formulations and new thermoset resins have caught the interest of the industry. New biobased polyurethane breakthroughs could be a competitive solution for high performance parts subject to cyclic loads, such as leaf springs, wind turbine blades, etc. The integration of dynamic links and recycled monomers would also improve the end-of-life and circularity of these materials.

Advanced materials in TECNALIA

If you need industrial solutions in the area of advanced materials, do not hesitate to contact TECNALIA and register for this webinar. We look forward to seeing you and showcasing all TECNALIA’s capabilities and applications in industry.


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