Presentation of "Innovation Platform: ISSS Sustainable Sea and Ocean Solutions"

Presentación de “Innovation Platform: ISSS Sustainable Sea and Ocean Solutions"


23 September 2021



10:00 am - 3:00 pm



At this event, TECNALIA will present the “Sustainable Sea and Ocean Solutions - Technologies for the Blue Economy” initiative, known as ISSS for short: Innovation Platform Sustainable Sea and Ocean Solutions – Intelligent Technologies for the Blue Economy.

Through this initiative, Fraunhofer, SINTEF, VTT, RISE, TNO, TECNALIA, +Atlantic CoLAB and AZTI are committed to promote a more responsible use of our oceans to harness their potential, create value and employment in the marine and maritime sectors, and ensure the leadership of European industry, using new technologies.

ISSS will foster technological innovations and applications in the fields of underwater robotics and automation, underwater sensors and actuators, materials, and communication and digitalisation. It is aimed at achieving a rapid transfer to industrial applications within three core application areas: aquaculture, ocean clean-up/decontamination, and obtaining energy/raw materials from them.

Further information

This event is part of the EMD in my Country events being held in parallel to the European Maritime Day (EMD), which took place in Den Helder on May 20-21 this year.

EMD in my Country events will run from April to October this year.

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