Protection against corrosion of offshore wind turbines platforms

Protección a la corrosión de plataformas de aerogeneradores marinos


17 September 2021




11:00 am - 12:30 pm



The objective of this conference, organised by TECNALIA, UPNA and NAITEC, is to promote research as a cornerstone in new developments of materials and solutions for protection against corrosion, including anti-fouling properties for metal and concrete offshore structures.

Our Researchers

  • Raúl Caracena will tell us about the different ways of protecting steel structures against corrosion, using protective paint systems.
  • Pablo Benguria will show us the different tests that are being conducted on the HarshLab platform, our floating laboratory for the evaluation of materials and components in a real offshore environment. He will also present the latest version of this unique infrastructure, which is expected to be launched in September and he will involve us in its new capacities.


  1. How to protect steel wind farm structures against corrosion– Raúl Caracena, TECNALIA
  2. Current state of the art of anti-corrosive paint with self-healing capacity for offshore environments – Carlos Berlanga, UPNA
  3. Protection, characterisation and failure analysis of structures and components subjected to marine corrosion – Andreu Cortiella, NAITEC
  4. Corrosion tests in real environments - Pablo Benguria, TECNALIA


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