Quantum in cybersecurity and secure communications

Cuántica y Ciberseguridad


19 May 2022




9:30 am - 10:30 am



In the field of cybersecurity, quantum technology offers a number of challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed

Quantum computing will have an impact on classic cryptography, causing a paradigm shift that will force us to move to new postquantum cryptosystems.

The challenges and opportunities of cybersecurity and quantum communication will be discussed in this conference.

Aimed at

Anyone who, from a business and technological point of view, is interested in knowing more about the basics and possibilities of quantum computing, and current cybersecurity trends in this area.


  • Óscar Lage is Head of Cybersecurity and Blockchain at TECNALIA and member of the Advisory Board of diverse companies. Speaker and co-author of several books, of which “Blockchain: la revolución industrial de Internet” (Blockchain: The Internet's Industrial Revolution) stands out. He is a member of the two main international blockchain alliances (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Hyperledger), coordinator of the Alastria industry hub, Vice President of AMETIC blockchain commission and member of major international cybersecurity forums such as the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO).
  • Alejandra Ruiz works as a Project Manager in the area of Quantum Technology (QTECH) at TECNALIA. Her main interests range from general aspects of quantum software engineering to cybersecurity and quantum communication. She has extensive experience in the Embedded Systems, Cybersecurity, Safety and Software & Systems Lifecycle Innovation. She has participated in modular assurance projects in critical systems, focusing particularly on the automotive, aerospace, rail and medical devices domains, as well as in numerous European projects. Alejandra takes part in the Technical Standardisation Subcommittee CTN 71/SC 14 on Quantum Technology at AENOR.



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