Webinar for non-radiologists: "Making Sense of Shadows"

Webinar para no radiólogos: "Making Sense of Shadows"


18 December 2023



7:30 pm - 9:30 pm



Webinar for non-radiologists: “Making Sense of Shadows

A free webinar will be held on 11 December as part of the European TRAINR4Uproject, where TECNALIA is a network partner.

  • This webinar is specifically aimed at non-radiologists who want a better understanding of ultrasound reports.
  • Making Sense of Shadows” offers a practical approach to interpreting ultrasound findings without having to rely on complex radiological jargon.

How to interpret ultrasound findings in a simple way

Ultrasound reports often show a series of shadows and terminology that can be daunting for non-radiologists. The aim of this webinar is to demystify these shadows and offer insights and guidance on how to interpret ultrasound findings in a simple way.

  • Through a series of case studies and practical examples, attendees will gain a clearer understanding of how to identify and understand the results of abdominal ultrasounds.
  • During this session by Dr. Paul Tansey (Trinity College Dublin), the most common pathologies of each abdominal organ will be discussed in depth, providing an in-depth analysis and showing ultrasound images.

Who is it for?

  • Medical professionals who wish to learn more about pathology and interpretation of abdominal ultrasounds.
  • Non-radiologists interested in understanding and effectively interpreting ultrasound images.


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