Cases of Success



“We have created a heat pump that works alongside photovoltaic energy to optimise comfort levels using renewable energy

Ricardo Fernández
Pre-sales support engineer at VAILLANT SAUNIER DUVAL

“Using the information extracted from the tests we are also able to guarantee that the system operates correctly in all situations, ensuring energy efficiency and use are optimised”


The history of Vaillant Saunier Duval dates back to 1874 when it was founded by Johann Vaillant in Remscheid, Germany. Since then, it has been one of the leading brands in the heating and ventilation technology industry. Vaillant Saunier Duval is bringing the energy transformation to homes.

Saunier Duval + TECNALIA collaboration

Thanks to the collaboration between VAILLANT SAUNIER DUVAL and TECNALIA, we have carried out a series of tests in laboratories with controlled spaces, which have allowed us to reproduce the real behavior of the system, says Ricardo Fernández, Pre-sales support engineer at VAILLANT SAUNIER DUVAL.

We have had a testing laboratory where tests are carried out to optimize the software, and a team of photovoltaic experts. Thanks to several tests, we have been able to optimize its operation, Carol Pascual, Senior Researcher at TECNALIA.

Creating comfort, a TECNALIA and VAILLANT SAUNIER DUVAL project

Through this partnership we have been able to validate the performance of this solution and estimate the efficiency of the system, expanding our catalogue of smart, efficient and state-of-the-art solutions.

The impact is two-fold: a new business opportunity is created which integrates renewable energy into our lives, and we have the opportunity to save on monthly bills.