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Zinemaldia & Technology 2018


Venue: TABAKALERA, Patio Room, San Sebastián
Date: 2018.09.23
Hours: From 10:00 am to 2:30 pm
Duration: 4 and a half hours
Organiser: Zinemaldia, Petronor, Tabakalera and TECNALIA
Price: Free
Ana Diaz De Zugazua Salazar

Together with the San Sebastian International Film Festival, Petronor and Tabakalera we are organising the “Zinemaldia & Technology 2018” event, a meeting place for reflecting on the influence of new technologies on the audiovisual sector, in the current context of the digitalisation of the creative and cultural industries.

The renowned film director, Juan Antonio Bayona, who has directed many works, including: The Orphanage (2007), The Impossible (2012), A Monster Calls (2016) and his last work Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom, the latest in the Jurassic Park saga, will be in charge of inaugurating the conference.

Subsequently, there will be a segment of speeches on public-private partnerships for integrating technology into the world of cinema. We will have both public institutions and private associations to convey their perspectives from both points of view.

Attendees will be able to learn first-hand about the new technological breakthroughs and opportunities generated in the fields of both creation and business. Experts in different technologies together with representatives of companies that have applied them in their initiatives will present: 

  • Blockchain and DRM, a decentralised database that cannot be corrupted and that will revolutionise the distribution and management of rights and permissions.
  • Virtual and mixed reality, that transform the traditional passive viewer into an active viewer immersed in a new experience.
  • Neuromarketing, which studies the brain's responses to different external stimuli and allows directors and screenwriters to refine scripts and scenes to achieve specific emotions in the audience.  
  • New language technologies, which develop advanced techniques in subtitling tools and multilingual translation.

These presentations will be complemented with demonstrations in a networking area, where we will conclude this meeting between the world of cinema and innovation in ICT.


This seminar is aimed at technologists, filmmakers and professionals from the film industry, public and private actors interested in integrating technology into the sector.


10:00 Welcome and introduction
10:05 Opening
► José Luis Rebordinos - Director of Zinemaldia
► Iñaki San Sebastián - CEO of TECNALIA
► Emiliano López Atxurra - Chairman of Petronor
► Edurne Ormazabal - General Director of Tabakalera
10:20 Speech by Juan Antonio Bayona
11:00 Public-Private Collaboration Panel: Private Perspective
► Alex Lafuente - Co-founder of BTeam Pictures, S.L.
► Fran Valmaña - Director of EIKEN, Basque Audiovisual and Digital Content
► Leire Apellániz - Manager of the Technical Department of SAN SEBASTIAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ZINEMALDIA
► Thierry Baujard - Member of the Steering Committee of the NEM Initiative
11:45 Public-Private Collaboration Panel: Public Perspective
► Lucía Recalde - Head of the Creative Europe MEDIA-DG Connect Unit of the European Commission
► Borja Álvarez - Deputy Director of Cultural Industries and Patronage of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport
► Joxean Muñoz - Deputy Minister for Culture, Youth and Sport of the Eusko Jaurlaritza-Basque Government
► Ainhoa Aizpuru - Representative for Economic Promotion, Rural Environment and Territorial Balance. Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa
12:30 Blockchain and DRM Technology
► Óscar Lage - Head of Cybersecurity at TECNALIA
12:40 The experience of Mixed Reality
► Diego Sagasti - Expert in AV/AR technology at TECNALIA, with Pako Ruiz from the company SONORA ESTUDIOS
12:50 Neurotechnology and Neuromarketing
► Ander Ramos and Sara Sillaurren - Researchers at TECNALIA, with Javier Mínguez - Scientific Director of BITBRAIN
13:00 Language Technologies
► Arantza del Pozo - Head of the Speech and Natural Language Technology Department at VICOMTECH, with José Luis Blanco - EiTB Programming Director
13:10 Conclusions and Closing Remarks
13:20 Exhibition and Networking with tapas
14:00 Closure


Free seminar until full capacity is reached.

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