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A commitment to tourism intelligence systems


The E-book of Tourism Intelligence systems

Since 2016, technology centres focused in the tourism sector have been collaborating in an annual working group, pooling synergies and initiatives through the Technological Platform for Tourism THINKTUR, in a series of documents that analyse the main trends in technology in the sector.

The subject of the 2020 e-book is the Tourism Intelligence System (TIS). Throughout the document, the group analyses the opportunities offered by defining, developing and setting up tourism intelligence systems applied to tourist destinations and companies, with a range of goals (understanding customers, predicting demand, developing new products, finding market niches, etc.), and examine the national and international successes used to set up similar systems in other destinations.

They also assess which technologies have the greatest impact on the customer journey. A final section ranks the importance of these technologies in different stages of the tourism cycle, giving a short description of each.

Tecnalia took part in the e-book project alongside SEGITTUR, Invat·tur, the Region of Murcia Tourism Institute (ITREM), Eurecat, Turistec and ITH.

 Link to  full e-book “Sistema de Inteligencia Turística”.

About Thinktur

The tourism technology platform Thinktur is a forum for users to share information and knowledge on how to use technology and innovation to solve real, specific problems in the tourist sector. It promotes an ecosystem of tourist businesses and destinations alongside sector suppliers and research agencies, to foster competition within this industry by means of spreading and implementing technology, innovation and sustainability.

About ITH

ITH is the hospitality sector response to the challenges raised by technological breakthroughs for the tourist industry.

After 15 years in action, the mission of the ITH innovation centre, a member of the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodations (CEHAT), is to promote the use of new technologies and management systems, contributing to improve competition, earning power, quality, efficiency and sustainability in the hospitality and tourism industry.

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