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The KSI Berritzaile 2020 programme receives a total of 34 project applications: up 30% on 2019


Since it was set up in 2017, more than 150 applications have been registered, leading to 78 technology-based initiatives

On Friday 12th June, the application period for the KSI Berritzaile 2020 programme closed, which is led by the Basque Government's Department for Culture and Linguistic Policy, along with the Basque Innovation Agency - Innobasque. Here we offer the cultural and creative sector our technological skills.

The programme received a total of 34 project applications (up 30% on 2019) from 12 sub-sectors, whereby the audiovisual industry (film, television, radio, Internet) was the most active.

Augmented reality was the key technology, with a wide variety of companies, ranging from architects to magicians. The spectrum of projects was extremely diverse: semantic technologies for contents cataloguing, drone handling improvements, serious games, apps with innovative applications for fashion, events and shows, interior design, better marketing and communication through neuromarketing, etc.

All of these companies had the opportunity to access technology, test it at no charge and discover first-hand the implications of digitalisation in their business models.

Technology Transfer

KSI Berritzaile is a Programme targeting companies from the macro-sector of Basque Cultural and Creative Industries whose aim is to create and develop opportunity spaces for new projects along two lines of action: technological innovation and innovation of the organisational model and business structure.

As far as Line 1 - Innovation and Technology Transfer is concerned, as a technology centre, we are responsible for technology transfer to the CCI sector. We design innovative products and services for the most global markets and we create synergies and new spaces for opportunity and innovative development.

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