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Along with the delta group, we have developed an interactive roll-up with integrated lighting


The system switches on and off when it detects movement

We have worked with the Delta Group, a company specialised in graphic solutions, in the development of a mini roll-up with integrated LED lighting capable of attracting the attention of visitors. The system switches on and off when it detects movement or when moving a finger towards a point on the sign.

Functional printing

Thanks to functional printing, this product is flexible, with capacitive buttons or people detection systems. Its design incorporates a battery in its base support, which allows it to be lit up. Its format is particularly attractive for supermarkets and department stores. The development of the prototype is based on conventional printing techniques, such as screen printing: it uses conductive inks or those that allow resistances to be made.

The challenges we have faced include the "adhesive coatings" of the micro LEDs so that the system or the programme do not lose flexibility. "The most complex thing was maintaining the rolling capacity and lightness of the roll-up so that it is portable and can be pulled down" explains our colleague Isabel Obieta, person in charge of the initiative.

It is a simple design, with a relatively low cost in comparison with other products. The characteristic that sets it apart is that it can be rolled up and be used in different areas. The manufacturers of membrane keyboards and the fashion sector are currently using it due to its flexibility capacity.

Gabriel Sola, Manager of the firm from Gipuzkoa, Delta Group, states that the roll-up is their "riskiest and most innovative" project.

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