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Multi-material structures: key in the transport of the future


The transport of the future addresses three major challenges: lightening, safety and competitiveness

The reduction of emissions, energy savings and the optimised use of raw materials are some of the global challenges raised by climate change. The transport of the future must address lightening, safety and competitiveness.

Multi-material structures respond to these challenges in the automotive, aeronautical and railway sectors, "putting the right material in the right place": metallic materials, composite materials, new manufacturing processes and new joining methods.

New materials and processes

Over the past year, we have focused on moving forward in new metallic and polymeric-based materials, new manufacturing processes, such as hot stamping, aluminium injection, processes for composites, such as RTM and additive manufacturing. We have also touched upon joining methods, one of the most relevant fields, in which it is essential to be creative and hybridise different processes.

Indeed, to bring these ideas to fruition, we are participating in diverse projects, which involve the entire value chain by offering solutions in a holistic way. The common objective is to reduce the current weight by up to 20%.

Collaborating with companies

Along with the SME from Bizkaia, Industrias Garita, we are working on the manufacture of a component for the vehicle using cold stamping. From the outset, it was considered that more resistant steels would have to be used to lighten a car, whilst fulfilling safety and lightening levels. Everything has been analysed from the material to be used to the performance of the new component, and the equipment required for its manufacture.

In the creation of multi-material joints, combining different types of joints, we are collaborating with the company from Gipuzkoa, Agme: devoted to the design and manufacture of customised automatic assembly solutions and the production of riveting machines and presses.

In the field of adhesives, we are cooperating with the company from Madrid, 3M, in the development of solutions for multi-material joints, modifying the composition of the adhesive in some cases.

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