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Smart mobility systems for more efficient and safer driving


Electrification of vehicles and automated driving, major tendencies in mobility of the future

The electrification of vehicles is one of the great advances that are under way to achieve more efficient and safer driving. Our challenge is to ensure the competitiveness of automotive and mobility companies by providing innovative technology and developments: lightening of the vehicle through the adaptation and incorporation of new materials, transport safety, electrification and driving automation.

For the evolution of these technologies, we have our own testing platform: Dynacar, a computer simulation environment, complemented with a real vehicle, which manages to reduce the implementation times of the different systems and optimise the driveability of the vehicles.

Smart systems

We have developed various technologies in the field of electrification, two of which stand out for their technological complexity. On one hand, we are technological partners of the hybrid propulsion microbus developed by Repsol, Lancor, Infranor, Masermic and CIE Automotive.

The vehicle weighing more than 3,500 kilograms combines the electric motor with the use of the fuel motor to charge the batteries whilst driving. This enables us to drive in pure electric mode without generating emissions and do long trips without the need to stop, as the batteries are recharged through the motor-generator unit, without the intervention of the driver and maximising the efficiency of the whole system.

On the other hand, we have participated in the design of the hybrid truck developed by IRIZAR, the so-called ‘ie-truck’: first platform with a cabin for heavy electric vehicles that reduces the energy consumed by 50% with respect to conventional vehicles. When braking, the truck also recharges its ion-lithium batteries, incorporating state-of-the-art solutions in terms of design, safety and electric technology. It will travel around cities and urban environments without generating atmospheric or acoustic pollution.

Automated driving is another of the major tendencies in mobility of the future. In this line, we are working on the development of advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) and active safety systems to prevent and detect faults.

We are currently collaborating with Irizar, Fiat-CRF and Bosch on the European AutoDrive initiative to take automated driving to both individual and group vehicles and to air transport. The objectives are to increase the robustness and safety of the autonomous driving systems based on the development of semi-driver technologies; increase active safety through the design of new sensors and control actuators; and consolidate cyber-security systems.


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