Emerging technologies in AI for the medical field

10 November 2022
Deep learning y Visión artificial

"This initiative involves research into machine learning techniques and synthetic data generation"

We research the design and development of emerging artificial intelligence techniques to create a new generation of more efficient and connected medical devices

We collaborate in the SmartMed initiative, along with medical device companies, such as UbikareE-Process-MedTRAK, FesiaInnitius and  Patia, as well as with TECNALIA Certification and Biocruces to research a new generation of medical devices using federated machine learning techniques. The aim is to improve the diagnostic and therapeutic accuracy of today’s medical devices.

It will also provide a shared knowledge base around the patient, without the need to share personal data, which will be used by companies for the continuous progress of their devices, and the generation of a metamodel for patient integration and continuity of care.

TECNALIA's contribution

At TECNALIA, we carry out research into machine learning techniques and synthetic data generation so that we can accompany companies to the next evolutionary step in their devices, using a methodology divided into two phases.

We are also pursuing the integration of a patient knowledge base, which will enable us to have a more holistic view of the patient, take advantage of the synergies between each company participating in the project, and keep patients' personal data safe.