Monitoring and predictive maintenance of infrastructures

20 September 2023
Infraestructura ferroviaria

"TECNALIA is developing new solutions for the monitoring of bridges and predictive maintenance of railway infrastructures"

Monitoring and predictive maintenance of infrastructures are key to improving their safety and extending their useful life

TECNALIA will develop an innovative platform to monitor and assess the condition of bridges in rural areas. The solution will be validated in the Regionalverband Pongau (Austria) in collaboration with the Rural Development Association of Durangaldea (Bizkaia). New technological solutions facilitate decision-making and enable infrastructures to be safer and more economically sustainable by making them smarter and optimising their performance.

Monitoring of bridges

Rural areas face specific challenges in addition to those arising from climate change, such as depopulation, limited connectivity and inaccessibility to infrastructures and public services. The FUTURAL initiative aims to provide smart digital solutions to these areas in order to address these challenges and improve the quality of life of their inhabitants.

Predictive maintenance for railways

In the field of railway infrastructures, TECNALIA will work on the development of a "data-powered" decision-making software platform for predictive/cognitive maintenance based on the different resilience dimensions. These developments are part of the 4RAIL initiative.

Advanced technologies will be used in risk assessment, monitoring of infrastructures and predictive maintenance. These technologies include hardware, such as IoT accelerometers, and software, such as 3D processing or predictive modelling.