Open Innovation: our way of going further and increasing our impact

27 November 2023
Open Innovation: nuestra forma de llegar más lejos y con más impacto

“With Open Innovation we share knowledge to innovate faster and generate an exponentially greater impact on business and on society"

Introducing Open Innovation: because together, we go further, faster

No matter how many unknowns the problem has, together we reach the best solution sooner, faster and with a greater impact

This is Open Innovation.

Open Innovation is our way of going further, faster and significantly increasing our impact on companies and society

We collaborate with external agents in a structured, planned and prioritised way in order to have more resources, more strength, positioning, more channels to reach the market, talent, infrastructure and/or complementary technological expertise to be able to innovate more quickly and efficiently and seek a greater impact on the market and on society.

Partnership means actively collaborating, joining forces, converging different points of view and sharing risks.

We are part of progress and the resolution of unknown problems that demand unique solutions is inherent in our DNA, because each one of these problems is an opportunity to do what we do best: increase the competitiveness of companies and improve the quality of life of people through applied research.

We can develop solutions alone, but together we can do it faster to go even further: sharing knowledge, having more resources, talent and infrastructures available and, in short, seeking a greater impact on companies and on society.

Delving deeper into good collaboration instruments and extending our network of partners will ensure that the result of these co-creations will have a greater economic and social impact.

Indeed, can you imagine what could have been achieved if the world’s leading experts had worked with each other?

Open Innovation is our way of going further

  • Collaborating actively.
  • Working hand in hand.
  • Joining forces with experts from around the world.
  • Bringing together technology and co-creating to multiply the results.
  • Thinking together.
  • Converging different points of view.
  • Feeling that the project is yours and shared.
  • Sharing risks.
  • Finding better solutions.
  • Obtaining results that would otherwise be impossible or would take too long.

Open Innovation is our way of working together with external players to have more resources, more talent and more infrastructures. The purpose? To share knowledge in order to innovate faster and more effectively and seek a far higher impact on the market and on society.

At TECNALIA we have imagined what could have been achieved if the world’s leading experts had worked together, and this is the result:

Who says that the next great discovery is not the result of collaboration? With talent, adding knowledge and facing new challenges ahead, at TECNALIA, there is no X that we cannot solve.